Australian politics stay: Scott Morrison praises Joe Biden as ‘man of grit and integrity’ | Australia news

We are surely not shrinking violets in this article in Australia.

But when we appear to the US and its democracy, we’re at times struck by the scale and the power of it. It is sturdy. It is fought hard.

But even in its occasional untidiness, we see a democracy that has survived the tumult of historical past, a democracy that has handed but a different check.

We revel in it, but we do not take it for granted, which is why we should always speak up in favour of democracy, in favour of getting each vote counted.

Just one-individual-one-vote, a person value. That is the theory that both our nations around the world hold dear. And even though we witness the strength of US democracy, we also see the harmful circus of conspiracy theories casting shadows and question.

They should really be termed out for the nonsense that they are.

We require top rated stand up for democratic values here and abroad. Without a doubt, this must be the to start with of everyone who is leader of a democracy. Labor seems ahead to the US reprising its leadership role in international establishments.

Labor welcomes the incoming President’s commitment to engage with our area crucial concerns, like local climate adjust by signing up to the Paris accord and by re-participating with the Globe Wellbeing Firm.

The US has performed this kind of a essential leadership purpose in the entire world and we can not pay for for it to retreat possibly from the planet but especially from our region.

We are happy that our terrific buddy and ally will be guided by a president who has not only acknowledged the fact of local climate modify but is ready to pursue new industries and employment of the future.