How To Use The Car Insurance Calculator To Buy A Policy Online?

Online Car Insurance Calculator for 2023 India - PolicyBachat

A vehicle insurance calculator is a free online application that enables automobile owners to estimate the cost of their car insurance premiums. It estimates the actual premium you would have to pay for a vehicle insurance policy, allowing you to evaluate and select the most cost-effective option. Calculating your premium only requires information about your automobile, such as age, make and model, fuel type, etc.

With a vehicle insurance premium calculator, you may evaluate several policies to see if they suit your coverage needs and budget. This important resource is freely accessible to all auto insurance purchasers.

How To Use Online Premium Calculator?

Follow the steps outlined below to utilise the online vehicle insurance calculator on the bajaj allianz car insurance app:

  • Choose your automobile’s model, make, gasoline type, and trim level.
  • Choose your vehicle’s RTO from the provided list.
  • Choose the year you acquired your automobile.
  • Choose Yes if you have already filed a claim or No if not.
  • Press the ‘Calculate’ button.
  • The estimated premium and Insured Declared Value of your vehicle are now displayed.

Information Needed for Determining Your Automobile’s Insurance Premium

The online auto insurance premium calculator is straightforward to use. Based on the inputs supplied, automobile insurance quotes from leading auto insurers will be delivered.

The following information must be entered into the instant car insurance app:

  • Car Model RTO
  • Claim information 
  • No Claim Bonus concession
  • Year of Vehicle Registration 
  • Vehicle Variant Manufacturer
  • Fuel type

Advantages of Automobile Insurance Calculator

Our vehicle insurance calculator gives immediate rates for both comprehensive and third-party coverage. Listed below are some of the most significant advantages of utilising an online auto insurance calculator:

  • Premium Estimate – It simplifies calculating premiums and provides an estimate based on the car’s specs and the coverage selected.
  • Works for Both New and Used Automobiles – Acquiring rates for new and used automobiles is simple. The same online calculator works for both vintage and modern automobiles.
  • Discover the Correct Add-Ons – You may compare premium rates and find the finest insurance plan with the proper add-on covers that fit your budget by comparing insurance premiums on the quick car insurance app.
  • Choose Wisely – Check for yourself how altering coverage variables affect your premium. The findings provide a premium estimate depending on the modifications.

Aspects that Influence the Cost of a Car Insurance Premium

The following factors determine the auto insurance rate when utilising an online premium calculator:

Automobile Make, Model, and Variant – For obvious reasons, high-end vehicles, such as luxury cars, cost more to insure than economy vehicles, such as ordinary hatchbacks. SUVs are insured at a higher cost than family cars for identical reasons.

CNG-equipped automobiles are more expensive to insure than conventional gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles.*

The older your automobile, the lower its Insured Declared Value (IDV); the lower your IDV, the lower your rate.*

Geographical location/RTO – Because the traffic density is greater in metropolitan regions, the premiums for automobiles insured in rural areas are slightly higher.*

Access to Deductibles on a Voluntary Basis – Access to deductibles voluntarily is the minimal amount you declare to bear at the time of claim settlement. The greater the deductible you choose, the lower your auto insurance rate will be.*

Anti-theft Device/Safety Features – If the insured vehicle is equipped with an ARAI-approved anti-theft device or other safety measures, the premium is reduced by 2.5%.

No Claim Bonus – The insured receives a No Claim Bonus for each claim-free year. This concession is cumulative and ranges from 10% to 50%. NCB is transferable to another vehicle or insurance.*

So have you used an insurance calculator on the bajaj allianz car insurance app yet? It will bring ease into your life. 

*Standard T&C Apply

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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