Patched Tire: How Long Can You Drive?

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How long will I be able to drive on my patched tyre? |

Patched Tire: How long can you drive? Patched tires are one of the remedies to make your tire work even if they are punched. However, driving with patched tires can have limits. Driving with a patched tire in New Orleans can be determined if it can last longer depending on several factors and other factors to consider:

Why Patch a Tire?

Patching a tire can save you money since replacing a tire can be expensive plus you replacing a tire means you should replace its pair to maintain balance in your car. Doing so means you have to spend more. But watching tires can be a good solution to avoid spending too much, especially if your tire is not too worn out to patch.

When is Tire Patching Ideal?

Tire patching is ideal if the hole on the tire is not bigger than 1⁄4 inch. Patching tires can prevent air leaks and you can be able to drive for a short distance or even for miles. Tire patching is just a remedy before you have the chance to have your tire replaced. By patching your tire you can still drive your car going to the repair shops instead of getting stuck in the middle of the road.

Does the Damage in the Car Matter During Tire Patching?

Holes or cuts that are located on the tread surface can still be ideal for tire patching. A hole in between the outer groves is also good for tire patching. In this case, a tire patch can still be done and you don’t have to spend more in getting a tire replacement. However, there are cases where tire patching is not recommended, for instance, if the hole is on the sidewall of the tire then replacement is already needed.

Safety Risk of Patching Tire

Check on the Damage

Before doing tire patching, it is wise to check how big the cut or holes in the tires are. In that way, you can determine if it can be covered by a tire patch. If you are not sure how to do tire patching better call your mechanic to do it for you, In that way the tire patch can be placed


Take Caution

Before putting air on your patch tire always check for any other damages. For instance, tires that have damage in the sidewall, if it is soft then putting air in can make the tire blow up and can put you in danger. So better check those tires before and after putting on the tire patch. Patching the side of tires is not recommended. That’s why letting your mechanic do the matching can be safe since they know which part of your tires is ideal for patching. Tire patches are better than tire pugs but they are designed for sidewalls.

Let the Experts Do the Job

Tire patching makes it look easy but if you will not be able to check the tire properly then you will not be able to put the tire patch correctly. Mechanics are knowledgeable about what to check on your tires and how to put the patch properly. They can also be able to evaluate if it’s still ideal to put a tire patch on your tires or better replace it.

Tire Patch is not for Sidewalls

How Long Can You Drive With a Tire Patch?

If the hole on your tire is small then maybe driving with a tire patch can be able to make out for miles. However, if the damage is bigger if the area of the tires has ruts and damage then shorter distances are only possible. At Least you were able to drive your car to the nearest repair shop for tire replacement.


Now that the issues are on: Patched Tire: How Long Can You Drive? Has been answered hope you can use it when the time comes that your tire needs a patch. Taking care of your tires and checking them now and then can give you a safer ride. Make it a habit to check on the conditions of your tire so it can have a longer lifespan. It can save you time and money since you don’t have to replace your tires often.

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