Which of the Following Will Help You Sell More on Amazon: Jungle Scout or Helium 10?

Ronda Beazley
Jungle Scout vs Helium 10: Which Amazon Seller Tool is Better?

Jungle Scout or Helium 10 is the two tools that Amazon sellers typically use to manage their companies. Some claim that the goods are comparable. For a number of reasons, some people are devoted supporters of one side over the other. Which data is more reliable? Which provides more help for sellers? Which company is releasing useful new tools to assist sellers in competing with Amazon? We’ll go over the primary requirements of various Amazon seller software options and present open, side-by-side comparisons. As an Amazon seller it is important to know about jungle scout vs helium 10

  • Sales forecast accuracy compared to Helium 10 and Jungle Scout

To inform their decisions, Amazon sellers require precise data. Due to Jungle Scout’s lengthy history of data collection and analysis and its origin as a tool for product development, it can currently offer the most accurate models. All of Jungle Scout’s activities revolve around data: To give clients the most beneficial insights and the best Amazon selling platform, our data scientists, data engineers, and committed product development team make sure that data is accurate and choices are made using data.

The industry’s most complete and accurate Amazon data is available from Jungle Scout. In actuality, the data from Helium 10 is 14% less accurate. Two years prior to the release of Helium 10, Jungle Scout had its market debut in February 2015, making it the first Amazon research tool. In addition to being more established in the Amazon selling market, this additional time has helped the Jungle Scout data models to improve their training and precision.

Accuracy of Jungle Scout:

Let’s imagine we used Jungle Scout to discover a product to offer on Amazon. We are aware of Jungle Scout’s accuracy percentage, which is 84.1%. We discover a supplier in China who can produce the item for $5 each and invest $7,500 on three months’ worth of inventory because our data indicates that the product sells an expected 500 pieces each month.

With Jungle Scout’s margin of error for the estimated sales of the product at 15.9% (i.e., 100% minus the 84.1% accuracy rate), there is an approximately 16% probability that the listing will underperform in some fashion, whether it sells half of its inventory or none at all.

Accuracy of Helium 10

With an accuracy of 74%, Helium 10 has a wider margin of error than Jungle Scout. Let’s imagine we discover a product with 500 monthly sales, according to Helium 10. And, as previously, we locate a producer who would produce it for $5 per unit and allow us to purchase three months’ worth of stock for $7,500.

We are currently using an estimate that is 12% less accurate than Jungle Scout’s due to Helium 10’s 26% margin of error. When we consider the thousands of dollars we spent on inventory, together with the time spent negotiating with our supplier, optimizing the listing, and marketing it both on and off Amazon, that may not initially seem like a significant difference.

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