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Ronda Beazley

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Greetings to all as we check back in on the 2022 World Cup. The knockouts are fast approaching as the bracket takes shape. Congratulations to the USMNT for making it, and best of luck on Saturday vs the Netherlands!

We have received great response to our World Cup historical dashboard that we introduced in our previous Domo on Data post. We have some updates coming to it based on seem of the great feedback we have received from soccer (😂 – apologies to the rest of the world) fans all around the world. We also have received a lot of questions about one tab in particular, Ask Me Anything and wanted to address those in this post.

Our Ask Me Anything tab is powered by Pramana Labs, a partner of ours. They have a product, Pramana Shift, which provides Natural Language Search capabilities within your Domo environment. This allows you to ask questions such as:

  • Which host nation has scored the most goals in a single World Cup?
  • What are the most combined goals in a match involving the United States?
  • What player has the most goals in the 2022 World Cup?

If you’re interested in learning more about how Pramana SHIFT can help you achieve your Natural Language goals in Domo, please reach out to your account executive (AE), customer success manager (CSM) or Pramana Labs directly.

Try it out below for yourself:

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