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Starting a business requires a lot of careful deliberations for it to become successful. One basic decision that could determine how well your business will grow is the location of the business. Most businesses are location-dependent. Even if the intended customers are not location-based, other factors like where to get financial support, the welfare of the workers, and many others are very much location-dependent.  This is also applicable in Spain. 

What province is best for start-ups?

The most attractive start-up location in Spain is Barcelona. Although Barcelona is not the state capital of the country, this state, however, has conditions that have been proven to be very helpful to businesses, especially start-ups. Tech companies operating from Barcelona have glowing customer reviews on sites such as OpinionesEspana

Why Barcelona?

It is centrally located

The province is known as a major business hub globally as it has many tech start-ups located in it. This makes it better for emerging start-ups to quickly adapt and get their footing early. 

Factors such as the numerous business schools located in it is also a plus as it helps to attract intending investors and places limelight on these start-ups.  

Great policies

The rising amount of tech start-ups in Barcelona can be attributed to the friendly policies that do not restrict their growth. Barcelona grants start-ups access to good incentives such as mentorship, funding, and great grant offers. These factors encourage small start-ups to grow fast. 

Relatively cheap

This is one factor that could be associated with other provinces in Spain also. Due to the lower cost of living in Spain, starting a business in this region is considered cheaper when compared with other countries in the EU. This factor alone is responsible for the high influx of start-ups to the region. 

Business in Barcelona gives the same benefits such as a global audience and international skilled labour at a much cheaper cost. 

Asides from being considered an emerging tech hub, Barcelona is also starting to find growth in the aspect of entrepreneurship and innovation. This will help to expand the business scope of its economy. This also means that more individuals of different nature are attracted to the city, thereby increasing the market sphere of the country.

Asides from all these, the lifestyle of the state is also a major attraction for starting a business there. There are many fun ways to spend time and enjoy yourself after work hours. You could opt for a more serene and conservative fun life like going to the beach or taking walks in parks. Or if you prefer the wilder city lifestyle, Barcelona is known to provide this also. 

Asides from Barcelona, other regions in Spain are great for business, depending on the business type. Locations like the country capital, Madrid, would also attract enormous growth for a business. 

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